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I was the Head of Product at Kapwing — a video creation platform. I defined product strategy and ran our product organization. 3+ million people visit Kapwing every month, and I initially joined as a founding engineer, building the original product as employee #4.
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chat with harry potter
Powered by OpenAI's GPT-4. An experiment to see if GPT-4 could be instructed to answer questions and behave like a fictional character in a robust universe, while only using the system prompt.
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how many weeks until you die?
Visualize the rest of your life in weeks. You get about 4,000 weeks in your life, and this site helps you put that in perspective. Embrace the finiteness of life. Used by thousands of users every month, and now includes a gratitude journal.
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A link-in-bio site builder. Set up your page with links and start sharing your page. Get a live page in a minute.
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who's building something new?
Find ex-Stripe, ex-Google, Harvard/Stanford alum, who are all working on "something new." I scraped twitter for profiles with "building something new" in their bio in addition to being from somewhere prestigious. A surprising number of angel investors paid for the dataset.
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human sounds
A UX sound library made completely by humans to make your applications more human. But, really it's just a bunch of sounds I made with my face.
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banana accelerator
An April Fool's Day site built for Turner Novak at Banana Capital. A fake accelerator mimicking YC or On Deck.
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A joke website inspired by Download More RAM, but for the crypto generation. Does NOT actually download more crypto.
Built in SF
best game: 5-minute RPG
Pokemon-like game that you can finish in five minutes. Made purely with React, and more of an exercise on if I could make a responsive, web video game.
I was born in Queens, New York. I was raised by two wonderful parents who immigrated here in the 90s. Thank you, Amma and Abba. My parents' most important principles were safety and security, and they pushed those ideals onto me and my brothers. Like any rebelious young person, I decided I was a risk loving person. So after going to a good school, becoming a management consultant, and buying my parents a house, I decided to move to San Francisco to learn "tech."
I've always loved the Internet, and I was raised on it. I can still hear the crackling of dial-up when I think about going on Neopets or setting my away message on AIM. I've always tinkered and learned how to build things on and for the Internet. That's partly why I moved to San Francisco to become a "tech" person. So I will continue to put things on the internet, and hopefully enough people pay for it that I can treat my parents to a bit of luxury in their lives for all they have done for me and brothers.
What good is the bread if my brothers are broke?
What good is first class if my brothers can't sit?
J. Cole, slightly modified
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My brothers and I
thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! I really appreciate it. If you'd like to chat or connect, please reach out. I like twitter DMs, but I also have a LinkedIn. And if you're in NYC, let's grab a coffee!
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